Earl Lee

Earl in Rome Italy

Hi, my name is Earl Lee

I'm the CEO & Co-Founder of HeadsUp. We help product-led SaaS companies nurture and convert users by using data and machine learning to understand users' likelihood to pay and how they use a product. Our product then seamlessly provides this context for sales reps to act on so the business can drive higher conversion rates and net dollar retention. To learn more, read about us on TechCrunch.

Previously, I spent 6 years building FiscalNote (NYSE: NOTE). As employee #3, I helped the company grow to 150+ employees and $10M+ ARR, helped build the initial MVP as a software engineer, and iterated toward product-market fit and scale as a product manager. Most importantly, I founded the growth and analytics function there, inspiring me to start HeadsUp.

While exploring what to build after FiscalNote, I spent time as an MS/MBA candidate at Harvard Business School and a fellow at Costanoa Ventures, where I worked on deals across a wide range of Seed, Series A, and even follow-on Series B B2B SaaS investments.

I'm a software engineer by training, having received my BS in Computer Science at Yale and interning at Google as an undergrad.


I'm an avid weightlifter, runner, and photographer. One of my favorite weekend activies is to post up at a coffee shop and read, think, and tinker. In the absence of a coffee shop, I like to make my own pourovers.