Earl V. Lee

Earl in Rome

Hi, my name is Earl Lee. I'm an intern at Costanoa Ventures and an incoming MS/MBA student at Harvard.

Most recently, I helped start FiscalNote, a B2B SaaS company that helps organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits affect change in government by using data and machine learning. I joined as the 3rd employee and helped us grow to 400+ employees, serving as a software engineer for the first two years and product manager during the last three. By the end, I was leading a cross-functional R&D team of 15+ people working across web, iOS, and Android apps.

Previously, I interned at Google as a software engineer and got my BS in Computer Science at Yale.


I'm currently working on Retaino, a way to overcome the mindless consumption of content driven by ads and algorithms and, instead, focus on learning and retaining useful knowledge using spaced repetition.


I am an avid weightlifter and photographer.