Earl Lee

Earl at Matthew's Arm

I'm taking on projects to help growing SaaS companies build a robust analytics function. Reach out if you need help with data warehouses, ETL, and BI tools!

Hi, my name is Earl Lee

I'm currently exploring. Recently, I was an MS/MBA candidate at Harvard Business School and investor at Costanoa Ventures, a Seed & Series A venture capital firm focused on enterprise software.

I spent 6 years helping build FiscalNote, a B2B SaaS company that helps organizations ranging from F500 to nonprofits manage policy issues using data and machine learning. I joined pre-seed as the 3rd employee and helped us grow to Series D and 400+ employees, serving as a software engineer for 2 years and a product manager for 4 years. I wrote code for our MVP, owned design and implementation of several core features, helped build out our product team, established our internal analytics function, and, by the end, led a cross-functional R&D team of 15+ people shipping products across web, iOS, and Android.

During undergrad, I interned at Google as a software engineer and got my BS in Computer Science at Yale.


I'm an avid weightlifter and photographer. One of my favorite weekend activies is to post up at a coffee shop and read or write code. In the absence of a coffee shop, I like to make my own pourovers.